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Does Direct Mail work?

The most important part of advertising is targeting your audience. You can change the
channel on the TV or Radio, and delete an email with a click of a button…but you HAVE
to check your mail!

A full color Direct Mail piece will stand out in your prospect’s stack of mail, and you’re
guaranteed to get noticed!

Direct Mail Marketing

Mail marketing is a diverse medium.
It includes everything from catalogs to business-to-business mailers, to flyers,
to postcards, to coupons. Possibilities are endless!

Despite the wide differences in form, all direct mail asks the recipient
to do three things:

1. Open
2. Read
3. Act

Direct Mail enables you to precisely target your audience. It’s also a wonderful medium
to use for testing lists, formats, offers and creative approaches.

Our experienced team is here to help you create the most successful campaign
When you hand off a project to Central Carolina Printing, you can relax and know that
we will ensure that the highest quality control standards are maintained.
We know that you are entrusting us with your company’s reputation, image and bottomline.
We reward this trust by performing at 110%. Always.

Mailing List Services

We offer the most advanced consumer, business-to-business, occupant and specialty mailing lists.

Your list is the most critical part of your direct mail campaign. Many experts say
that 40% of the success of your direct mail campaign rests on the quality of your
mailing list.

You want to hit a bulls eye by reaching your best prospects.
We help select the mailing lists best tailored to your prospecting needs.

Examples of list options:
Consumers: household income, home value, age, and much more…
Business Lists: type of business, number of employees, sales volume range.
Occupant Lists: average percentage of single family dwellings, multi family dwellings,
trailers, P.O.Boxes, homes with children, age, income, home value, and businesses.
Specialty Lists: car brand owners, new movers, health clubs members, real property
data, new borrowers, new homeowners monthly/weekly, bankruptcies, to even golfers
for instance – we can target ANYONE!
Specialty Business Lists: includes phone #s, multi use, contacts, and much more…

All mailing lists are not created equal. We have the expertise and knowledge to
help you find precisely the lists that meets your objectives for your direct mail
campaign. No doubt about it, We will TARGET your ideal Customers!

Data entry & list cleaning
In addition to acquiring a mailing list for you, we do data entry of names
that you may have collected. We use mail list cleaning services, including
CASS certification
and National Change of Address processing.
Although NCOA is required by the Post Office, they only update once a month.

Our advanced Mail List Company updates EVERY Week!
We are your tool for you to keep your in-house mailing lists accurate
and up-to-date. We also keep your entire mail list history in our data base
for your reference if you ever need it.

Direct Mail Options

We can CUSTOMIZE any direct mail piece to best fit your needs!

Below are our Most Popular Direct Mailer Options of Postcards, Flats & Booklets:

4 x 6
5.5 x 8.5
5.66 x 11
9 x 12
9.5 x 13.75
12 x 15
11 x 17 Tri-Fold (folded to 6.25 x 11)
17 x 22 (folded to 8 x 11)
20 x 28 (folded to 10 x 14)
13.5 x 19 Jumbo 4 Pager (folded to 9.5 x 13.5)
8.5 x 11 8 Pager

Our SAMPLE GALLERY is currently under construction.


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